The “Best” of 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my photography and how much it means to me.  Going into 2011, I really want to continue to grow artistically and work even harder on “finding” those great moments to capture.    I’ve been looking back at my images and sorting through the ones that really stood out to me, spoke to me on some level–emotional, creative, or other.  What I found was that there are A LOT of my images that speak to me, that make me feel. I found images from each and every session that met this criteria.  I decided I wanted to turn this into a contest that would result in one of these images being showcased on a client’s wall.  But I had WAY too many images to put up, so I had to narrow the field a little, okay, A LOT.  It was HARD, I mean really hard (I almost called the whole thing off because I had so much trouble!).  I had to cut so many pictures that I just adore, but I finally came up with 20 images that I felt represented something important about me as an artist and how I tell stories with my images.  The results are shown below, and are showcased on my Facebook page as well, which is where the “contest” is taking place.  On Facebook, each image has a caption that explains why it’s there–what it represents.  To vote for your favorite image, simply “like” it (you do need to “like” my page in order to be able to “like” the image).  Feel free to tell of your friends to vote too!  The picture with the most votes in 1 week (Sunday January 16th), will be given to that client as a 16×20 mounted and coated wall print ($100 value).


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