Welcome Baby T! {Newborn Photographer | Conroe, Texas}

This first image is so fitting for Baby T’s welcome to the World!  Just over a week old, he was such a little angel for me during our session, sleeping a lot and only fussing once or twice for a little snack before we continued!  I got to try out a couple of different things, and love that we got to use a couple of rooms from his house for a backdrop.  I really like making each session personal and unique, so doing a few shots on Mom and Dad’s bed as well as a couple in the Nursery really make these images one of a kind for him and his family.  Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE photographing newborns?  They are truly a challenge, but so incredibly worth it!  I think my background as a labor and delivery nurse makes them a natural subject for me–I’ve handled plenty of very new babies :)!  If you know someone expecting a baby soon, tell them to give me a call or send me an e-mail!  I have some special offers available for babies expected to be born in March, so spread the word!  Here are some more of tender Baby T….


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