GOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!! {The Woodlands, TX | Child Photographer}

Okay, so not really.  No goals for him yet anyway :).  This past weekend was my son’s first soccer practice and soccer game–I’m so proud of him!  I’m a big believer in letting kids be kids–not pushing any particular activity, but instead waiting for them to ask to try things out–so we didn’t get him into any real sports or major activities until he approached us with interest to play soccer this year.  Now, while his interest in soccer seems to be largely influenced by his older neighbors heading off to soccer practice in the evenings (he thinks they’re so cool!), and the idea that soccer practice mostly entails swigging gatorade and munching on tasty snacks on the sideline (who gave him this picture of soccer practice?!?!), I am still quite proud of him for going out and trying something new.  And, he’s actually pretty good!  (Besides his growing boredom with the whole thing by the second half and the frequent distraction that came from his obsession with the snacks and gatorade).  He almost made a goal, and held off two advances by the opposing team when he was playing goalie!  (He was scored on once while in the goalie position, but I don’t think it should really count since it was by his own teammate:)).  All and all, watching four year olds play soccer is really quite entertaining–sometimes the game continued half a field away with both coaches and the ref in chase trying to get the players to come back.  It’s obvious that most of the kids just don’t quite get it yet, but hey, they’re running around getting exercise!  …And there are yummy snacks and gatorade at the end :).


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