Hello Dave

A salutation, an introduction, a name.  I was recently introduced to the music of the band Hello Dave and their lead vocalist/songwriter Mike Himebaugh, and I’m so glad to have found them!  I was instantly drawn to their music, which is both fun and heartfelt, with a sound that reminds me so much of my days doing concert photography in Austin, TX.  They are not from Austin though, and the sound of their music has been appropriately dubbed “Chicago Twang” (also the title of their newest album), since the Windy City is their home base.  A lot of you may know that I spent many years in Chicago, met my husband there, and delivered two wonderful children there–so despite it’s horrible winters, I consider it a home away from home and even though I’m now in a completely different climate I can’t help but consider Hello Dave a “local” band for me.

Which brings me to some great news…music by both Mike Himebaugh and Hello Dave will now be featured on my website!  I’m so very excited about this, and can’t wait for all of you to go check it out!  There’s a special lullaby written and performed by Mike Himebaugh titled “Over the Moon” that is incredibly sweet and is being featured in the “Newborn” section of my portfolio.  As a Mom, I couldn’t stop listening to this, it’s simply beautiful.  Also featured by Mike is a great, and very personal song titled “Quiet Hero”.  Features from Hello Dave include “Woman” (a personal face!), “Sweetness”, and “Melissa”.

So, a little more about the band and it’s members. Mike Himebaugh is the leader of the band that found it’s roots and first members at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL.  The current lineup includes Mike “Magoo” McGohan and Marty Williamson on lead guitars, Matt Longbons on bass and Peter Bauschke on drums.  It was at EIU that the band had a sound guy named Dave.  In jest, the band gets its name from Dave and his flawed abilities behind the sound board…. Hellooooo?  Daaave? .  They have quite the fan base of followers on Facebook and Twitter (go check them out!), and have toured with some pretty big names.  For a more complete bio, and to hear some of their great music, you should really check out their website, www.hellodave.com.

Music is a very emotional thing to me, and I’m so proud to be featuring music on my site  from people who play the small venues, connect with their fans, and tell a story with songs they write and conceptualize on their own.  It feels very real, personal, and meaningful, which is exactly what I try to communicate with my art as well.  So thank you to Mike and all of the members of Hello Dave, and “Welcome” to my site!


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