My Baby is 2!!!

My little girl turned 2 recently, and I thought I would once again hijack what is mostly my professional blog for a little personal sharing…I hope no one minds :).  I also thought it might be interesting for people to see that I take snapshots too–lots of them, and I’m promising myself to do more with my snapshots this year.  I sometimes get so busy working on other people’s pictures that mine just sit on the computer, never touched.  So this year, I want to share more of these images–just snapshots, lightly edited, but heavy on meaning for me and my family.  They make me smile, and maybe they will make someone else smile too!  Oh, and yes that is chocolate on my daughters face at breakfast–it was her birthday, and we had chocolate chip scones.  Please don’t judge :).


3 thoughts on “My Baby is 2!!!

  1. Very cute! I know this may be bittersweet, but the one of her leaning back against a chair/couch/rail makes it easy to picture her grown up! And I LOVE the first one! So glad you were able to capture your own dear memories.

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