NAPCP–That’s Me!

It stands for National Association of Professional Child Photographers, and I could not be prouder or happier to tell you all that I am now a member!  The NAPCP is a fabulous organization for Professional Children’s Photographers, and for parents in search of an experienced photographer.  There are a lot of professional organizations out there, and I had looked at membership into several different ones when I first started my business, but was really dissuaded by the fact that so many of them simply require a membership fee and then you are free to join–it didn’t really say anything about the quality of your work or your professionalism in the industry since anyone with some extra cash could claim membership.  Then I found NAPCP.  It is the first photographer’s organization that I found which actually reviews your work as part of the application process.  They want to make sure that their members uphold a standard of professionalism and quality that parents can count on when investing in their memories.  An excerpt from the NAPCP blog:

“The National Association of Professional Child Photographers is an association whose mission is to promote and support the artistry and integrity of the most talented, creative, and professional child photographers. To accomplish this mission, NAPCP provides the most comprehensive resources for its members, bringing together a community of passionate artists committed to growth in their skills, their artistry, and their businesses.”

I am so proud to be in such great company!  You will now see the NAPCP badge on my website (and wherever else I can find a place to put it!).  It’s truly an honor….  And now because I hate having a post without a picture–I am soooo visual–a recent picture of my own cuties.  Check out the way my daughter is very slyly trying to grab my son’s ear–it’s her favorite form of comfort and she’s constantly trying to find one to hold onto while she sucks those fingers!


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2 thoughts on “NAPCP–That’s Me!

  1. So proud of you Sarah! Although there is NO QUESTION that you would qualify for such a prestigious group- your work is truly wonderful.

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