Does Size Matter? {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer}

Yes it does–but that’s not to say that every image needs to be the biggest size available.  What really matters is that the size you choose fits the space you want it to go.  It’s a good idea when you’re trying to decide how big you want your image printed to get out the tape measure and the painters tape and mark it off right on the wall where you want to put it.  It will give you a good visual idea of what your final product is going to look like.  A lot of times people think that 16×20 sounds huge, but when they get it and put it up on a large wall, it looks kind of small and gets lost.  Not to say that there isn’t a place for a 16×20 or even an 8×10 for that matter–everything has a place, and it’s just about figuring out what fits where!  I’ve included two images–one of a 32×48 canvas hanging above a king sized bed, and then the same bed with a 16×20 over it.  This should give you a good visual of what sizes translate to in real life.  In this case, I like the bigger image better, I love the 32×48 canvas–it’s huge and makes a statement.  If you have trouble picking just one image though, another great option is to do a cluster of smaller images together to fill the same amount of space (I’ll try to post an example of that in the near future!).  Hope this helps some of you out!


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