The B Twins {Spring, TX | Baby Photographer}

The B Twins were such a pleasant surprise!  I thought going into their session that it would be a challenge since I was photographing them at kind of an in-between age.  At 2 months old, they were mostly out of the “Newborn” phase, and not quite to the point of being able to push up or hold their heads up very well.  It was a challenge, but I could not be happier with the outcome, and it just goes to show that there really isn’t a “wrong” time to do portraits of your little ones!  It was a marathon session that required a lot of patience (not only from me, but from Mom and Dad too), but the results are such a great mix of alert, wide-eyed babies and sleepy, peaceful shots that it just makes me so happy that they called when they did!  So if you are worried that you missed that “Newborn Window”, fret not!  The images might be different, but just as beautiful–and you will still cherish them forever–whatever age your babies are!


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