The C Family…Embrace What’s Real {The Woodlands, TX | Family Photographer}

First off, let me say that I love the C Family–so much fun, so warm and welcoming!  Like many parents, Mom and Dad were a little concerned that the kids might not have been “cooperating” well enough, and even asked if they were my toughest clients ever.  I jokingly told them they were only the second toughest :).  But honestly, the session was great!  No, the kids weren’t interested in every game we tried to play or willing to go everywhere we wanted them to go, but they were great–they were kids!  As a photographer, I can come armed with tons of ideas for things to do to get your kids involved during the session, and sometimes it work great, but sometimes it doesn’t–and then it’s time to just let go and embrace what the kids want and what mood they are in.  We let the kids explore, pulled out some of their toys, and let them take charge.  The results are so fun and so beautiful–I have so many favorites to share from this session it was hard to choose.  Case in point–the first image.  This little boy was so funny–he kept plopping down on the ground and declaring “Mine!” (mostly about nothing and nobody in particular), and then looking around to see who was paying attention to him :).  This is one of my very favorites :).  Embrace what is real–what is real is what we want to remember.


4 thoughts on “The C Family…Embrace What’s Real {The Woodlands, TX | Family Photographer}

  1. Great pics! Makes me feel better about our session next month. Lylah might surely be your toughest client yet haha. I love how you capture the kids personalities so well!

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