The G Family…Going the Distance {Houston, TX | Family Photographer}

This is my fourth time photographing The G Family in some capacity or another, and every time I leave their session I always have those warm fuzzies inside.  They are just so much fun to work with, so sweet and kind, really just great all around people; and I am always honored that they choose me to capture their beautiful family!  I’m particularly honored that they choose me because they travel so far to have me photograph them each time.  I know there are a lot of photographers out there, and it is so touching that they are so supportive of my work.  But on to the images!  Little Miss L has changed so much since our first session together!  She’s still that spunky little girl with a beautiful independence to her, but she’s gotten a little more reserved/slightly… shy dare I say?  It was so interesting to photograph her in this new light, and to capture her interactions with her baby sister this time.  Speaking of Baby V, oh my how she’s grown since her newborn session 6 months ago!  It always astounds me to see the changes in that short period of time, and it’s always so much fun to watch such a big personality erupt from such a tiny little subject!  Thank you to the G Family for welcoming me into their hearts and letting me capture a piece of their lives!


6 thoughts on “The G Family…Going the Distance {Houston, TX | Family Photographer}

  1. Thank you so much Sheryl! You have absolutely made my day with such a kind and heartfelt comment! I adore my job, and really want to capture what is real with my clients because it means so much more that way–to them and to me. I so greatly appreciate your support, thank you so much for being a fan and for taking the time to give me such heart warming feedback!

  2. You are such an AMAZING photographer! I have seen portraits from photographers that many people say “do such a wonderful job”, but I want to tell them they’re crazy! I’ve seen what “a wonderful job” is…and then some. You go above and beyond! You capture their spirits – how do you do that?! I see their personality; I see the love from their parents; I see so much more than their “picture”. I’ve seen most all of the pictures you’ve posted on Facebook since I’ve become a fan, and you are consistently amazing – these are no exception. Such a beautiful family….. Thank you for sharing them as well as your talent!

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