Friday Favorites…Breaking the Rules {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer}

I’ve taken so many images, and have so many different favorites for so many various reasons.  Social media, internet, and web-based portfolios are all great; but this online world we live in sometimes leads things to be a bit less personal.  I believe that every image has a story to tell, and that’s what I love doing for my clients so much!  I don’t always get a chance to tell the story behind every image though–what I love about it, what makes it special to me.  So, I thought I would start a weekly blog post that featured one of my favorite images…deconstructed.  The story behind it, the reasons I love it (whether they are technical reasons of lighting/composition/etc., or emotional ones about what and why the image makes me feel).  So check back every week–some of these shares will be personal ones, and others will come from clients’ sessions past and present…one of your images might be featured here!

No, it’s not a mistake, there are two pictures this week instead of one :).  They both really exemplify my point this week really well though, so I had to keep them both in!  When you read the “rule book on photography”, it will tell you not to shoot in the middle of the day; and if you have to shoot in the middle of the day, you should always stick to the shade.  You know what they say though, right?  Rules were made for breaking, and I don’t particularly like people telling me there’s something I can’t do ;).  Well, this shoot was pretty much the middle of the day–we hit this spot right around 11:30 in the morning–and full sun to boot.  I couldn’t resist the look of the driftwood on the “beach” though, and decided we’d give it a try.  I love how it turned out, and love it even more since the books will tell you not to try it :).  This senior session had several mini locations, some of which were shaded, so I wasn’t depending on the entire session being in full sun.  Also important to note–I had scouted this spot the week before, and knew what I would be dealing with if we didn’t have cloud cover, so I had time to prepare.  I also brought a white board reflector with me to help balance out the bright sun.  Boy Scout’s motto!  Anyway, this whole senior session went great–this young man is such a good kid and a true gentleman.  I also have to love the images from any session that brings Mom to tears at the viewing–you know you’ve done your job well for sure then!  See you next week!

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