Featured Vendor–Jwrobel {Sara Jensen Photography}



The work of Jwrobel is inspiring, classic beauty that fits every generation–past, present, and future.  It brings you back to a time when each article of clothing or accessory in your home truly meant something.  You can feel it in each piece that she makes–there is something very real in those fibers…you can feel the time and love that went into making each piece.  She is truly an artisan, and her pieces are truly heirloom quality!  A little bit about her, in her own words,

“There has never been a time in my life when I wasn’t knitting or sewing. I learned those first lessons from my grandmother when I was too young to recall a beginning.
..That I can sit with a ball of string and turn it into a piece that provides beauty, warmth, and usefulness all at once is awing to me…Truly, the thrill is in knowing that I have made something real that is going out into the world to someone real. That is the true joy of an artisan and my guilty pleasure.”

Another great thing about Jess is that she is dedicated to the things that really matter–being good to the planet and good to other people.  She uses materials that are organic, fair trade, recycled or vintage.  She supports small business (which is what this vendor page and upcoming giveaway are all about!), and the communities around her.  She’s the kind of person you’ll want to get to know more about, so head over to her website and check her out!  www.Jwrobel.com or www.broodbaby.com.  The piece pictured above is called a brood pouch, and can be found at the BroodBaby.com site.





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