Featured Vendors…Baby Cake Bowtique and Leilani’s Heavenly Cakes {Sara Jensen Photography}

Baby Cake Bowtique is the maker of all things girly (and some little man stuff too!).  From custom clothes to headbands, hair clips, t-shirts, and soon even shoes :).  The beautiful dress above is just one of her lovely creations…I love the detail of how she trimmed the bottom and the arm holes with a cute coordinating fabric.  She’s local to me, so we’ve actually had a chance to get to know each other a little bit, and she really is a sweetheart!  She’s a self-taught sewer and crafter, inspired by her own little “Baby Cake” :).  You can find some of her products at her Etsy Store:


Or you can visit her website  www.babycakebowtique.com

Leilani’s Heavenly Cakes is also local to me, so I’ve been lucky enough to taste her delicious treats–the cake above was made for my daughter’s second birthday, and I can tell you it was a big hit!  Again, I’m always impressed with attention to detail–I love all of the beautiful decorations on this cake, the fun colors and designs, and even the fact that she wrapped the cake board to look neat and pretty.  The whole thing was just perfect!  She also makes other baked goods–cookies, brownies, etc.  I can’t wait to get a chance to test those out too :).  You can find out more about Leilani’s Heavenly Cakes by visiting www.leilanisheavenlycakes.com!


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