A Little Bit O’ Business… {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer}

The Summer is slipping away so fast, and I just wanted to take a minute (or 3) to let you know about some changes going on at SJP before we all get swamped with back to school and–eek!–Christmas time!! (You know it will creep up much too fast–be sure to get your Christmas time portraits scheduled well in advance to make sure you get a spot and have time to get all of your goodies ordered–cards and gifts galore!).

Anyway…as I was saying…new happenings.  I am now accepting credit cards on ALL orders regardless of amount, but orders less than $300 will incur a 4% processing fee if paid with credit card.  I am also offering PAYMENT PLANS for orders of $500 or more.  I know that getting beautiful and artistic portraits of your family is an investment–for your memories, your children, and generations to come.  You don’t want to skimp on it, but sometimes it’s a little hard to make it fit in the budget–hopefully these two new policies will help you out some!

I’m also in the process of updating my online shopping cart to include more products other than just standard prints…now available for online purchase–gallery wraps and float wraps in addition to standard gift prints and wall prints.  As always, you can still e-mail me requests for other products that are not yet available online.

I also have a F.A.Q. tab on my Facebook page now.  You can go there to find answers to common questions, or if you don’t see your question listed, send me a note at sara@sarajensenphotography.com!  Maybe your question will end up there after all :).

Alright, enough business for now…back to the fun before the Summer’s gone!  A quick image to (hopefully) make you smile this morning.  I know it makes me smile!

Taken with the 85mm 1.4G I rented to test out…love that bokeh!  Love that little girl too :)!


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