Life’s Lessons with a bit of Whimsy… {The Woodlands, TX | Child Photographer}

There are so many important things I hope I can instill in my children as they grow up that sometimes it can get overwhelming remembering everything I need to teach them.  As simple as it may sound though, the most important thing I want to impress upon them is to dream–to love their dreams, to live their dreams, and to be the person in their dreams.  Life is just too short to not take that to heart.  It’s so important to love the life you are living, and I want them to know how fulfilling it can be to do what you love.

I have had this session in mind for them for quite some time.  I wanted to tell a story in just a few images of what it is to be a child, to keep life simple, and to get lost in your dreams.  I wanted to create something that they would look back on one day and realize how important their happiness is to me and remember having fun and feeling carefree.

My kids love to be in their PJs, and I mean they L.O.V.E. it!  I’m sure they are not alone in this infatuation with staying in their night clothes all day, in fact, I’m rather fond of being in my pajamas too!  But, pajama days are near perfection in their eyes, and what better symbol to use for a session that’s meant to illustrate the importance of dreaming, than what you wear while you dream the most!  As an extra bonus, these pajamas were handmade by their own Grandmother, and that’s just one more thing that makes these images so much more valuable and special, something they will surely treasure even more as time goes on.

During this session, they danced and sang, they pretended to be airplane pilots (and many other things!), and practiced plenty of just plain silliness (mixed in with a bit of contemplation towards the end :)).  It was the most fun session I’ve ever had with my own children–they are usually my toughest subjects by far, but this time it was fun for all of us and I loved every minute of it (which seems fitting for the message I was trying to send them with these images…and maybe a message I sometimes need to remind myself of as well :)).

So, although these may seem a bit whimsical for something as serious as “Life’s Lessons”. that’s exactly what it’s meant to be.  Sometimes we can take life too seriously and lose track of the things that are really important–the things that we truly love and that make us so happy we feel like we might actually burst with joy (a feeling I can honestly say that I get on a regular basis now, and I am so grateful for that!).  For my wonderful children whom I love so very much, I wish a lifetime of joy, love, happiness, health, and of course…DREAMS.


12 thoughts on “Life’s Lessons with a bit of Whimsy… {The Woodlands, TX | Child Photographer}

  1. the fun you guys have just oozes through these photos – so glad you were able to capture them the way you see them on a daily basis AND everyone had a great time to boot! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Love the pictures, love the pj’s and last but definitely not least love the subject. I am so happy you are living your dream and teaching your kids to do the same!

  3. Sara these are beautiful!! Great job! What a neat way to capture moments that they will treasure forever. 🙂 I especially LOVE the last photo of your daughter…..that is the cutest smile ever…..I just want to squeeze her cute cheeks!

  4. Sara, though I usually don’t gravitate towards props, this session and the thought behind it melts my heart. The images are beautiful… and what a keepsake for your children years from now. Fantastic job.

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