Friday Favorites…While You’re Away {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer}

I’ve taken so many images, and have so many different favorites for so many various reasons.  Social media, internet, and web-based portfolios are all great; but this online world we live in sometimes leads things to be a bit less personal.  I believe that every image has a story to tell, and that’s what I love doing for my clients so much!  I don’t always get a chance to tell the story behind every image though–what I love about it, what makes it special to me.  So, I thought I would start a weekly blog post that featured one of my favorite images…deconstructed.  The story behind it, the reasons I love it (whether they are technical reasons of lighting/composition/etc., or emotional ones about what and why the image makes me feel).  So check back every week–some of these shares will be personal ones, and others will come from clients’ sessions past and present…one of your images might be featured here!

I think we all either have either been affected personally, or know someone who has been affected, by the conflict in the Middle East.  So many people have given their time, and unfortunately too many have lost their lives, to serve out country.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to be so far from your loved one for so very long, but this beautiful woman knows it first hand.  While she waited for her husband’s deployment to end, she decided to contact me to capture some images of herself to send his way and hopefully keep up his spirits.  It was a beautiful thing to do for him, and I love that I could be a part of that for them.  He has since come home safely and they are reunited again.  Looking at this image of her in her husband’s shirt and wearing his dog tags, I try to remember to be grateful for how much time I get to spend with my husband, and that I never have to be separated from him for so long.  It also reminds me to appreciate everything that he does for me, and to try to remember to do special things for him that will let him know how much I love him–because I really do :)!  Thank you to all of our servicemen who sacrifice so much, and to the men and women who wait for them and support them from home–your job is no less significant, and certainly no easier for you!


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