A Little Bit of Light–Photo Tip {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer Mentoring}

If you’re looking to capture a quick image of someone inside your house, and can’t find just the right spot…try opening the front door.  In most homes, the front foyer is filled with light and sometimes even has a convenient staircase for sitting your subject on.  Even if your foyer is a bit dark, you’ve got a huge source of natural light right outside your door, and all you have to do is open it!
For this image, I had plenty of light in my front foyer without even opening the door, and didn’t need any flash or reflectors to get the shot–all natural here!  You can see the beautiful catch lights in their eyes, and the staircase behind them fades away into the background.  It took a couple of seconds, and I love the result!  I wanted some images of my sister with my kids before she left town, we didn’t have much time, and it was really hot and bright outside–this was exactly the solution I needed!  Go ahead–give it a try and see what you can do with a little bit of light!  Here a couple more from the set–Happy Monday everyone!

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7 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Light–Photo Tip {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer Mentoring}

  1. You know how much I love these pictures but I don’t think I told you what an impression your talent made on me for these. You really had about 5 minutes to snap these with no setup or planning and they turned out so wonderful!! Never doubt yourself sweetie!

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