Don’t Leave the Memories Behind…{The Woodlands, TX | Photographer}

This image is of the dry, cracked earth that used to lie beneath several feet of water in a local pond…which is now practically gone.

As many of you know, we’ve been in a pretty serious drought down here in Texas recently…and by recently I mean basically all year!  One sad and worrying side effect of such serious drought is forest fires.  We’ve had our fair share of fires flaming up in the surrounding areas.  They have burned thousands of acres, and have gotten uncomfortably close to my own home.  Close enough that I’ve encountered people in my neighborhood parks who are there because they are staying with family in the area after being evacuated from their own homes when the fires encroached on their property.  One mother was talking to me about her experience (she had no idea that I’m a photographer), and one of the first things she mentioned was that in the rush of leaving, the one thing she made sure to grab was a photo album.  And she’s not the only one.  I’ve heard similar stories on the news, read them in the paper, and honestly remember hearing it since I was a child.  When you’re leaving your home in a hurry and you’re unsure if you will ever get to come back to it in one piece–don’t forget the photo album.  Why is this so important to us?  Why is it the first thing we think to bring with us when everything else could be lost?  Because images are not just pieces of paper, or even just pictures, they truly are memories captured and frozen in time.  Little pieces from our past that kind of “jump start” the connections in our brain that bring back all of the sensations and emotions that make our memories so real.  Pictures (yes, even snapshots!) really are priceless and you don’t ever want to leave the memories behind!

Just one of the snapshots (this is truly a snapshot too–straight out of camera without prep or editing) I never want to lose…to me it tells a story of this time in their lives–a time I am sure would inevitably get fuzzy in my memory as the years go by without images like this to bring it back for me.

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