Gymnastics Fun…Personal Share {The Woodlands, TX | Child Photographer}

Personal share tonight, I just can’t help myself :).  The kids were SO excited to start gymnastics tonight!  Were not really big on organized sports in our house–we kind of let them just be kids, use their imagination, and spend time playing around.  But, if they ask to try something out, I’m a firm believer in letting them explore the possibilities, their talents, and possible new passions.  This was my daughter’s first organized “activity” (she is the second child you know!), and she has a bit of a shy personality.  I was concerned she might not come out of her shell right away, but she jumped right in with no fear and tons of enthusiasm.  My son was the same (and he even behaved so well as to have the coach tell me what a good listener he is–Mom’s thrive on such compliments!).  So, a few images from their first gymnastics class–whether it lasts a month or the rest of their lives doesn’t matter to me so long as they keep having fun!

The trampoline was of course a big hit for both of them:

And who wouldn’t love a good dip in the foam pit?:
The bell was a big hit, and my heart just melts when by big boy wants to give his sister some love:

For those who are interested, most of these images were taken between ISO 3200 and 5000 with my D700 and 85mm 1.4 lens at 1.4-1.6.  I needed all the light I could get inside at 5pm, and was so grateful for the capabilities of my equipment tonight!

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