Happy Monday! Tying it all together… {The Woodlands, TX | Newborn Baby Photographer}

I absolutely love using things during a session that can bring continuity to a future session–something small that can bring it all together, show growth and change, or bring extra meaning to what was once a mundane object.  It’s not always possible to incorporate such items into a session, and you don’t want to make it feel forced or it tends to loose it’s impact and overshadow the subjects.  And while sometimes I plan these things out well in advance, other times they come to me after the fact–I’ll take it either way when it turns out like this :).  I suggested the use of a clothesline of onesies during their family session (Mom had just recently found out she was pregnant, and wasn’t far enough along for a true maternity session, but we wanted to have a subtle “mention” of the baby on the way).

When planning ideas for their Newborn photo session, I realized it would be the perfect “tie-in” between sessions–even though the settings are very different, and the family has definitely grown and changed, these are some of the same onesies from the family session carried through to their newborn session.  And now those onesies  have been gifted to the family, so their little girl can wear them day to day and make even more memories tied in some way to those images!  Happy Monday everyone!  If you’re interested in seeing more of my work or booking your own session, please check out my website www.sarajensenphotography.com!


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