Tis the Season…The Holiday Minis {The Woodlands, TX | Family and Baby Photographer}

This was my first year doing Holiday Mini Sessions, and as much work as they can be to organize and execute, I have to admit that I loved being able to work with all of these families :).  Not sure yet if this will be an annual event for SJP, but it sure was fun this time around!  Some favorites from the different Holiday Mini Sessions this year…

the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_125 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_128 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_129 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_130 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_131 the-woodlands-tx-child-photographer_127 the-woodlands-tx-child-photos_123 the-woodlands-tx-child-photos_133 the-woodlands-tx-child-photos_134 the-woodlands-tx-child-photos_139 the-woodlands-tx-child-photos_141 the-woodlands-tx-children-photos_121 the-woodlands-tx-couples-photos_142 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_122 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_124 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_126 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_132 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_138 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_140 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_143 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_144 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_145 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_148 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_149 the-woodlands-tx-family-photos_150 the-woodlands-tx-senior-photos_135 the-woodlands-tx-senior-photos_136 the-woodlands-tx-senior-photos_137


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