A Family Affair…Bryan and Marra Get Married {The Woodlands, TX | Wedding Photographer}

Being primarily a portrait photographer, I don’t photograph a lot of weddings anymore (even though years ago when I started in the photography business that was almost all I did).  I am SO glad that Marra and Bryan asked me to photograph their wedding :).  It was such a pleasure to be witness to so much joy, so much love, and so much laughter.  As Marra mentioned in her vows (they wrote their own–love that!), not only did Bryan take on a new wife in this marriage, but also her three beautiful daughters, and you could tell how happy those girls are to have him in their life :).

A little backstory on Marra and Bryan, just for fun :):

They met at the hospital they were both working at (about 2 years before they even started dating!).  “Good things come to those who wait.” 🙂

The proposal:  A random Wednesday night at home (I love the unexpected ones :)), Marra is called upstairs by her daughter to see something “amazing” (understatement of the year!) when Bryan comes out of a bedroom, gets down on one knee and proposes.  Marra doesn’t get a chance to answer before her daughters scream out for her, “She says YES!”.

Their perfect day together:  “Our perfect day is waking up together, cooking breakfast with bacon (you must have bacon), then, if we don’t have kids to entertain, we love to go on a driving adventure finding antique shops or unique restaurants or wineries. Then we always finish the day cooking a new dinner together and relaxing in front of a fire or sitting in a hot tub outside looking at the stars from the top of our hill.”

Marra’s adorable quirk according to Bryan:  Her bathroom routine each morning and evening.

Bryan’s adorable quirk according to Marra:  He never closes any cabinets or drawers because he is afraid to wake me if he leaves before I get up.

And a little note from Marra on the journey of their relationship:  “Bryan and I have had our love tested in so many ways – kids, exes, rumors at work, but thru it all we never doubted our feelings for one another and what God had planned for us. We have never lost faith in each other.”

And now for the pictures (and bear with me, there are a lot in this post!!)

They chose a lovely venue for their ceremony, and even the rainy day could not dampen everyone’s spirits!

the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_218 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_219 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_220 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_224 houston-tx-wedding-pictures_221 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_222 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-photographer_223the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_225 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_226 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_227 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_228 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_229

And in this modern age…yes, Bryan wrote his vows on his iPhone :).


The whole family was involved in the ceremony…

the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_231 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_232 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_233

I was a bit hesitant about this shot the bride and groom wanted after the ceremony (all of their guests) because I knew it would be impossible to get everyone perfectly in the shot.  I’m glad she asked for it though…it will be a nice reminder of the people who were there to celebrate their new life together :)…


the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_235 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_236

A short break at the hotel (and time to update the Facebook status :)), before the party started!




This image still gets me every time…the bride’s mother–no longer with her, but never forgotten.

the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_241 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_242 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_244 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_245 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_246 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_243

the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_247 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_248 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_249 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_253 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_251 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_250 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_252 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_257 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_254 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_256

And by this time, the shows were coming off :).  Did I mention that these people could DANCE!  Such a fun party!

the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_255Almost midnight!  A New Year, and a new life together…fabulous night!

the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_258 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_259 the-woodlands-tx-wedding-pictures_260

Congratulations Marra and Bryan!  And thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your amazing day, and even more amazing story :)!



2 thoughts on “A Family Affair…Bryan and Marra Get Married {The Woodlands, TX | Wedding Photographer}

  1. These are amazing wedding photos! Scrolling through them was almost like being at the wedding (but I didn’t have any champagne!). What wonderful memories they’ll be!

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