Baby G… {The Woodlands, TX | Newborn Baby Photographer}

Baby G was such a joy to photograph at 5 weeks old.  He seriously made me want to photograph all of my newborns well past that well known “2 week window”.  The poses are not as elaborate, but I fell in love with the more natural look of his images, the mix of sleepy and alert shots, his creamy skin, the list goes on :).  I’ve had several of these “old born” babies, and they never disappoint me.  So, if you miss that 2 week window, don’t fret, just know what to expect from your session and enjoy the gorgeous images you can get!  A few favorites from Baby G’s session…

the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_201 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_202 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_203 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_204 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_205 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_206 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_207 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_208 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_209 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_210 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_211 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_212 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photos_213


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