The Ironman Texas…140.6 miles {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer}

Some of you may already know that my husband completed his 2nd Ironman competition last weekend.  For anyone who has seen or lived any part of Ironman, you know what kind of undertaking and accomplishment this truly is.  Race day was May 18th, but this race didn’t start on that morning…it started months ago with the training, the preparation, the strategizing.

140.6 miles of fun.  As my husband says.  Yes, my husband might well be crazy.  But watching him and the other athletes push their bodies beyond what I thought was humanly possible, truly is inspiring.  I’m incredibly proud of him, and in all honesty, incredibly glad that it’s over.  For now anyway–I’m quite sure there will be more Ironmans in our future :).

A little breakdown of how his day went…

2.4 mile swim in 1 hour and 16 minutes

112 mile bike in 5 hours and 47 minutes

26.2 mile run in 4 hours and 58 minutes

When you add in transition times, that’s 12 hours and 17 minutes of constant exercise.  A Personal Record for him at 21 minutes faster than his previous Ironman in 2011.

And it was a hard day of racing for everyone out there (including the spectators).  The heat was absolutely brutal with heat indexes over 100 degrees.  The race had an abnormally high DNF (did not finish) rate, and understandably so.  While watching anxiously for my husband to pass different view points, I witnessed a lot of suffering…and a lot of spirit, strength, and determination.

We were still there watching when the race officially ended at midnight, and watched the last “finisher” come through the shoot just seconds before the race was called.  It was emotional to watch, and even more so when more competitors came in right after the clock had passed that 17 hour mark.  More than 17 hours of pushing themselves, and not even a medal to prove they did it.

You can call these men and women crazy, but you can’t deny that they have so much heart.  It’s amazing to witness and even more amazing to be a part of.  Congratulations to every single person who went out there and gave it their all–you are all Ironmen :)!

And the pictures…just as a disclaimer, most of these images were taken as snapshots with a point shoot or cell phone camera.  I knew I needed to be more focused on supporting my man than getting the perfect shot, but I didn’t want to walk away without any pictures to remember this event :).

A few images from T minus one day and counting…practice swim, short run, and final prep…


And from race day itself…


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