The M Twins… 1 Year Old :) {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

These two are so adorable, and it’s so neat to see how different their personalities are :).  I could never imagine having twins, and have so much respect for the parents who have multiples–one at a time is challenging enough, and I feel like parents of multiples must automatically attain some form of sainthood :).  I know that even though it must be much more work, it’s that much more rewarding as well :).  A few favorites from the M Twins 1 Year Portrait Session…..

the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_448 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_449 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_450 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_451 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_452 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_453 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_454 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_455 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_456 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_457 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_458 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_459 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_460 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_461 the-woodlands-tx-baby-pictures_462


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