Miss R… Sweet and Sassy :)… {Chicago, IL | Child Photographer}

That’s right, it says Chicago :).  We haven’t moved without telling anyone, I just snuck in a portrait session for a really amazing little girl while I was on a quick vacation in the windy city this Summer :).  She’s so full of energy, so full of fun, so full of sweetness, and yes, so full of sass :).  Loved working with her while hanging out at her house in the Chicago suburbs.  SO much fun!  A few favorites from her session….

the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_632 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_633 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_634 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_635 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_636 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_637 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_638 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_639 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_640 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_641 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_642 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_643 the-woodlands-tx-child-pictures_644


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