The T Family… {The Woodlands, TX | Family Photographer}

I’ve been so fortunate to meet so many wonderful families through my job, and so many with international ties.  Even though this very lovely family lives locally, they call Australia home, and they wanted to pay some homage to that with the use of their flag.  Loved working with them so very much!  A few favorites from The T Family session…

the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_749 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_750 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_751 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_752 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_753 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_754 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_755 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_756 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_757 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_758 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_759 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_760 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_761 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_762 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_763 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_764 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_765 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_766 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_767


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