Welcoming Baby S…. {Houston, TX | Newborn Baby Photographer}

Absolutely loved photographing Baby S–both in studio as well as in his own home :).  Such a handsome little man, and such wonderful parents!  Here are a few favorites from his newborn portrait session…

the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_787 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_788 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_789 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_790 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_791 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_792 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_793 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_794 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_795 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_796 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_797 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_798 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_799 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_800 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_801 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_802 the-woodlands-tx-baby-photographer_803


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