Family Time at Enchanted Rock… {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer}


Enchanted Rock, 2014

For quite a while our kids had been requesting a “backpacking” camping trip–where would need to hike out away from our car and “rough it” so to speak.  Seeing that they are only 5 and 7, I was hesitant.   But I had been backpacking as a kid and loved it, and I discovered that Enchanted Rock had “primitive” campsites that were only a 1-2 mile hike from the parking lot :).  I thought it was the perfect introduction to backpacking, and so the adventure began.



DSC_1191bw-copy DSC_1195-copy DSC_1197-copy DSC_1203-copy

After setting up camp, we noticed a storm rolling in.  It ended being beautiful to watch with very little actual “storming” on us :)…

DSC_1205-copy DSC_1208-copy DSC_1211_1bw-copy


The next day began with a beautiful sunrise…


And then we were off to go hike the dome!  There were a few mishaps along the way…forgotten items that had to be retrieved, wrong turns, etc.  But we made it!  Try not to judge the Coke bottles in my children’s hands at the top of the summit…they ended up hiking around 12 miles this day, and I decided they deserved something special for being such troopers through it all :).

DSC_1220long-copy DSC_1224-copy DSC_1226-copy DSC_1227bw-copy DSC_1232-copy DSC_1233-copy DSC_1235-copy DSC_1236-copy DSC_1238-copy DSC_1240-copy DSC_1247bw-copy

I mentioned this was a “primitive” camping trip, right?  Well, I also mentioned that we had some mishaps and a lot of hiking, right? I should also mention that there was a food truck at the bottom of the dome, and again, the kids had been such troopers…so much for primitive, but baby steps will work for us!

DSC_1243bw-copyAll in all it was a truly a wonderful trip, but it did have many ups and downs and lots of learning experiences for all of us :).  And time with my family is priceless no matter how “perfectly”, or not, it goes :)!

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2 thoughts on “Family Time at Enchanted Rock… {The Woodlands, TX | Photographer}

  1. Great pictures! I love the one of the kids with their backs to the camera! And I’m sure they’ll have wonderful memories of this trip as well.

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