Baby G’s Newborn Session… {The Woodlands, TX | Newborn Baby Photographer}

Such a wonderful family, and such a sweet little man :).  We ended up doing his newborn session at 3.5 weeks old, and even though he wanted to keep those eyes open and see what was going on, we did get him to sleep for us too :).  A few favorites from Baby G’s newborn portrait session :)…

the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1348 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1349 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1350 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1351 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1352 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1353 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1354 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1355 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1356 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1357 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1358 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1359 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1360 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_1361


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