Baby E at 1 Year… {The Woodlands, TX | Child Photographer}

It has been so much fun watching this little guy grow up over the last year.  He and his parents are so wonderful to work with!  For this last session of his Baby Program, they arranged to go to the venue where they were married :).  I love that they wanted to do this session “where it all started” :).  A few favorites from Baby E’s very special 1 Year Portrait Session…

the-woodlands-family-photographer_2106 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2107 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2108 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2109 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2110 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2111 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2112 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2113 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2114 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2115 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2116 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2117 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2118 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2119 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2120 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2121 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2122 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2123 the-woodlands-family-photographer_2124


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