Mr. P is Three :)! {The Woodlands, TX | Child Photographer}

I’ve been photographing him since shortly after he was born, and I love it more and more with each and every session–his happiness is contagious and his hugs are amazing if you can score one :).  And, he had a big announcement to make during his 3 year session :).  A few favorites…

the-woodlands-child-photographer_2153 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2154 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2155 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2156 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2157 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2158 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2159 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2160 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2161 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2162 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2163 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2164 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2165 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2166 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2167 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2168 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2169 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2170 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2171 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2172 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2173 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2174


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