Baby C’s 1 Year Portrait Session :)… {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed photographing this little girl over the past year, and getting to spend time with her wonderful Mother and Father–one of the sweetest families I know :).  A few favorites from Baby C’s 1 Year Portrait session…

the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2298 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2299 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2300 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2301 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2302 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2303 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2304 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2305 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2306 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2307 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2308 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2309 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2310 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2311 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2312 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2313 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2314 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2315 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2316 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2317 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2318 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2319 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2320 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2321 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2322 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2323


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