Miss S’s 3 Year Portrait Session… {The Woodlands, TX | Child Photographer}

How can she possibly be 3??? :).  I’ve been photographing her since she was about 1 week old, and it doesn’t seem possible that 3 years have gone by since then, time really flies!  Always a pleasure to photograph her and her beautiful Mom!  She’s getting so much personality, so much lovable sass, and as alway, tons of sweetness.  A few favorites from Miss S’s 3 Year Portrait Session…

the-woodlands-child-photographer_2390 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2391 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2392 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2393 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2394 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2395 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2396 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2397 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2398 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2399 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2400 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2401 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2402 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2403 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2404 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2405 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2406 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2407 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2408 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2409 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2410 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2411 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2412 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2413


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