Baby G at 6 Months…. {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

She is just. too. cute.  I couldn’t get enough of Baby G at her 6 month studio session.  I think she might just be the happiest baby ever, and so many cute expressions for the camera!  A few favorites from Baby G’s 6 Month session…

the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2673 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2674 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2675 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2676 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2677 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2678 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2679 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2680 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2681 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2682 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2683 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2684 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2685 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2686 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2687 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2688 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2689 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2690 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2691 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2692 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2693 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2694 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2695 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2696 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2697


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