Baby P at 6 (ish) months :)… {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

Weather, illness, more weather, and more illness kept postponing this sweet girl’s 6 month session, but with patience we prevailed, and it was well worth the wait :).  A few favorites from Baby P’s second session of the Baby Program….

the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2790 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2791 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2792 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2793 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2794 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2795 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2796 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2797 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2798 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2799 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2800 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2801 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2802 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2803 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2804 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2805 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2806 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2807 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2808 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2809 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2810 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2811 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2812 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2813 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2814 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2815 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2816


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