Baby C at 6 Weeks… {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

Life happens and sometimes those “newborn” pictures don’t get scheduled in advance.  Better late than never definitely applies in those situations though…every day is different with our little ones, and capturing some piece of that newness is such a treasure.  I loved Baby C’s session for exactly what it was…him at 6 weeks old :).  A few favorites from his “newborn” portrait session…

the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2817 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2818 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2819 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2820 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2821 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2822 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2823 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2824 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2825 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2826 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2827 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2828 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2829 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2830 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2831 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2832 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2833 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2834 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2835 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2836 the-woodlands-baby-photographer_2837


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