Baby G’s Newborn Session… {The Woodlands, TX | Newborn Baby Photographer}

Oh my goodness!  Those eyes, those lips, all of that HAIR :)!  Loved working with this beautiful little girl and her family for her first portrait session :), and I loved all of the personal items that we used in her session (lace from Mom’s wedding dress, Rosary from the wedding, knit blankets, and the sash from mom’s wedding gown as well!).  Can’t wait to see her again in about 6 months!  A few favorites from Baby G’s newborn portrait session…

the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2853 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2854 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2855 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2856 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2857 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2858 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2859 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2860 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2861 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2862 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2863 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2864 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2865 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2866 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2867 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2868 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2869 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2870 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2871 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2872 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2873 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2874 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2875 the-woodlands-newborn-baby-photographer_2876


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