The B Family and Miss M’s 1 Year Session…. {The Woodlands, TX | Family and Child Photographer}

It had been a year since I saw the precious Miss M (and her awesome big sister Miss C, and her wonderful parents!).  It was so wonderful to see them all again in celebration of Miss M turning 1, and so cool to see how much the little ones had grown and changed in that time!  A few favorites of the very lovely B Family…

the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2897 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2898 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2899 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2900 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2901 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2902 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2903 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2904 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2905 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2906 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2907 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2908 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2909 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2910 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2911 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2912 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2913 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2914 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2915 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2916 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2917 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2918 the-woodlands-child-family-photographer_2919


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