Miss R at 1 Year… {The Woodlands, TX | Child and Family Photographer}

Loved seeing this whole family again for Miss R’s One Year Session!  She’s grown so much!  I’ve been watching and documenting this family’s growth since her brother was born, and it’s been such a pleasure every single time!  A few favorites from Miss R’s last session of her Baby Program…

the-woodlands-child-photographer_2935 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2936 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2937 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2938 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2939 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2940 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2941 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2942 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2943 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2944 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2945 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2946 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2947 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2948 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2949 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2950 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2951 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2952 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2953 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2954 the-woodlands-child-photographer_2955


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