Baby R at 1 Year…. {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

It was such a great time seeing Baby R at his 1 Year session.  I also share a common bond with this little one as we have the same birthday!! 🙂 Below are a few of my favorites from Baby R’s final session as he graduates the SJP Baby Program.

the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2956 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2957 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2958 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2959 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2960 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2961 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2962 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2963 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2964 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2965 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2966 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2967 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2968 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2969 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2970 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2971 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2972 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2973 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2974 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2975 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_2976


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