Baby R Newborn Session {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing Miss R. recently. I photographed her big brother, now 2 years old, during his first year of life.  I am so happy and honored they chose to come back to me to photograph their newest addition to the family!  Here are some of my favorites from the session! the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3043 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3044 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3045 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3046 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3047 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3048 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3049 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3050 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3051 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3052 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3053 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3054 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3055 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3056 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3057 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3058 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3059 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3060 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3061 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3062 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3063


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