Baby H Newborn Session {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing Baby H recently!  I’ve been photographing his older brother, now 4 years old, since he was a newborn.  I love that family’s appreciate my work to keep coming back to me.  I’m excited to see how Baby H grows and changes over the next year!  Here are a few of my favorites from his session! the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3064 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3065 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3066 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3067 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3068 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3069 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3070 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3071 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3072 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3073 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3074 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3075 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3076 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3077 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3078 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3079 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3080 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3081


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