Baby G at 6 Months :)…. {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

She is such a little doll!  Loved seeing this sweet little girl and her family again for her 6 month studio session.  She has so much personality, and we had a great time capturing all sides of it!  A few favorites from Baby G’s second session of her Baby Plan…

the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3332 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3333 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3334 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3335 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3336 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3337 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3338 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3339 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3340 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3341 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3342 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3343 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3344 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3345 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3346 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3347 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3348 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3349


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