The B Twins…1 Month Old {The Woodlands, TX | Baby Photographer}

These two cuties were a bit older than I usually do newborn portraits, but I always believe it’s better late than never!  We even got some sleepy shots of these precious babies :).  So much fun working with them!  A few favorites from The B Twins not quite newborn session :)…

the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3515 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3516 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3517 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3518 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3519 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3520 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3521 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3522 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3523 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3524 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3525 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3526 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3527 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3528 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3529 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3530 the-woodlands-baby-family-photographer_3531


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