Big Dreams Wedding Dress Mini Sessions… {The Woodlands, TX | Child Photographer}

My daughter had been begging me to take pictures of her in my wedding dress for quite some time…she must have been peeking over my shoulder onto pinterest at some point to get that notion in her head! I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to pull my dress out of storage, but finally realized there wasn’t much else left to do with the dress anyway! It ended up being so much fun for her to play dress up in the fanciest dress she’s ever seen and be treated like a supermodel for her photo shoot :). I was completely taken aback when I saw her in my dress–not only at how unbelievably beautiful she is, but it also made me realize just how quickly time will go by and this will be the real thing instead of dress up. I’m so glad we did these before she out grew the desire to dress up like a princess–they will make a wonderful conversation piece if she gets married someday!

I’m excited to announce that we had so much fun doing these that I’ve decided to offer wedding dress mini sessions for other little girls in their Mom’s wedding dresses :). These sessions will be in studio, weekdays only, with limited slots available, last about 20-30 minutes on a simple cream backdrop and fur and will result in 5-15 images of your little princess in the most important dress you’ve owned :). I won’t have availability to start these until the Fall, and I recommend them for girls ages ~4-9, but it depends a lot on the individual child and we can talk more if you’re unsure if it’s the right time for her. Contact me at for pricing and to set one up!














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