Happy, Happy Birthday :)!

She is the girliest tomboy I’ve ever known :).  She is quiet, she is smart, she is funny.  She is determined at whatever she does.  She is beautiful in every way.  And today, she is 5.  Happy birthday to my little princess!!

DSC_8663 copy


Words of Wisdom…

I just had to share some feel good thoughts on this Friday evening…

I was talking to my kids this evening about listening, doing what they are asked, not whining, etc. after a lot of all of the above today.  I was raising my voice and feeling (and looking) more exasperated than I wanted to, but I was frustrated (as parents can get now and then :)).  My daughter stopped, held me close, and whispered in my ear very quietly “We’re still learning.”  It stopped me in my tracks and put a smile on my face and a new warmth in my heart.  She was so right, and suddenly all of my frustration began to melt away.  They are still learning, and I need to be patient with them while they learn :).  So later tonight when I was tucking her into bed, I held her in a tight hug and whispered in her ear very quietly “I’m still learning too.”  Then I gave her a big smile, hugged her even tighter and told her I love her.  Wise beyond her years….

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