Ms. G’s Senior Portrait Session… The Woodlands, TX | High School Senior Photographer

This amazing young lady was such a joy to work with! I also know her personally since she dove on the same dive team as my kiddos, and we’re going to miss her as she has headed off to college! A few favorites from Ms. G’s session…


Mr. W, Senior Portraits… The Woodlands, TX | High School Senior Portrait Photographer

We managed to get this high school senior’s portraits in just before the whole family moved off to a new adventure! It was great to see how much this young man has grown since I photographed his family last, and so glad I got to see him and his mom again before they left! A few favorites from Mr. W’s high school senior portrait session…

The M Twins, Graduation Portraits :)…. {The Woodlands, TX | High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

I can’t believe that these two are graduating from high school! I have been photographing them for years and through all different milestones for their whole family. They give me a lot of hope for our future, both great kids with wonderful things ahead for them! A few favorites from the M Twins Senior Portrait Session…


















Home of the brave…Senior Portrait Session for Mr. B {The Woodlands, TX | High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

I’ve known this young man’s Mom since my oldest was in pre-school, and I photographed her older son for his Senior Portraits a couple of years ago.  This is a wonderful family, and this young man has great things ahead of him.  It seemed like a very appropriate day to post some images from his session.  While today is a day to celebrate the veterans of war and peace, it is also a time to honor and think of those men and women on the other end…just starting their life of service.  Mr. B will soon become a marine, and I know that not only is his family very proud of him, but so is an entire nation.  Happy Veteran’s Day to all of our armed forces–past, present, and future!

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”  -Elmer Davis

the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1601 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1602 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1603 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1604 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1605 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1606 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1607 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1608 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1609 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1610 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1611 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1612 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1613 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1614 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1615 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1616 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1617 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1618 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1619

Miss A’s High School Senior Portrait Session… {The Woodlands, TX | High School Senior Photographer}

I have been photographing this beautiful young lady and her family for a years now–it seems like I was just doing her older sister’s senior portraits, and already she’s off as well!  Miss A is an amazing young woman, with an amazing family that I’m so fortunate to have met and worked with so much already!  A few favorites from Miss A’s Senior Portrait Session…

the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1526 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1527 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1528 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1529 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1530 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1531 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1532 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1533 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1534 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1535 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1536 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1537 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1538 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1539 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1540 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1541 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1542 the-woodlands-high-school-senior-photographer_1543

Miss H’s Senior Portrait Session… {The Woodlands, TX | High School Senior Portrait Photographer}

Taking Miss H’s Senior Pictures was like a breath of fresh air–everything about her was so refreshing, her kindness, her humbleness, her energy, her outlook on life.  Loved working with her, and look forward to seeing what kind of wonderful things she does with her future :).  A few favorites from Miss H’s High School Senior Portrait Session…

the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_333 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_334 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_335 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_336 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_337 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_338 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_339 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_340 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_341 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_342 the-woodlands-tx-high-school-senior-pictures_344