The B Family Expecting Again :)… {The Woodlands, TX | Maternity Photographer}

This family is special to me not only because they are super sweet, but their sweet boy share’s my son’s name, and was born on my birthday :). Now their next baby is due, the same month as my son’s birthday…wouldn’t it be crazy if he was born the same day?! I feel like it’s fate that I get to work with this wonderful family, and I can’t wait to meet their newest addition! A few favorites from their maternity session…

















The G Family About to be 4…. {The Woodlands, TX | Maternity Photographer}

I think it’s so wonderful to document your pregnancy with a maternity session…especially when there is a soon to be older sibling involved–it’s a great way to preserve those last moments of being an only child and document the excitement the whole family feels about a new baby on the way!  A few favorites from The G Family’s maternity session…

the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1544 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1545 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1546 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1547 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1548 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1549 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1550 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1551 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1552 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1553 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1554 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1555 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1556 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1557 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1558 the-woodlands-pregnancy-maternity-photographer_1559

The L Family…Before There Were 3 :) {The Woodlands, TX | Maternity Photographer}

Such a gorgeous couple :).  Loved working with these guys before the arrival of their little one!  It’s such a great opportunity to get to know each other a little before the Newborn Session, and so wonderful to capture the beauty and wonder that pregnancy is :).  Grandma to be and GREAT grandma to be even got in a few frames for some truly priceless memories :).  A few favorites from the L Family Maternity session before they became a family of three :)…

the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1126 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1127 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1128 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1129 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1130 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1131 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1132 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1133 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1134 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1135 the-woodlands-maternity-photographer_1136

Mr. and Mrs. M’s Maternity Session… {The Woodalnds, TX | Maternity Photographer}

I have such a wonderful job getting to meet so many different people at such wonderful stages in their lives :).  It’s really fabulous to work with parents to be in the weeks or months before they have their baby.  Maternity sessions give me a chance to get to know parents a little bit before their newborn session (and it gives them a chance to get to know me as well).  So, it’s not only wonderful to have these keepsake images of such a special time, but it’s also a great way to start a relationship between client and photographer that will hopefully last for years to come :).  Here are a few favorites from Mr. and Mrs. M’s Maternity Session, before they became 3, in The Woodlands, TX…

the-woodlands-tx-child-photographer_915 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_916 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_917 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_918 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_919 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_920 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_921 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_922 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_923 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_924 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_925 the-woodlands-tx-maternity-photographer_926